Tiger Tales: Keely McGrath

Tiger Tales: Keely McGrath

Can you dig it?

Keely McGrath can.

Last month the senior broke the 14-year standing all-time digs record at the school, surpassing the 2,045 digs set by Janie Hodgkinson ('98-'01).

Still early in the season, McGrath brought her career digs total to 2,101 -- a milestone she didn't think she'd reach.

"It's a pretty cool accomplishment," McGrath said. "But I wouldn't be here without my teammates. Honestly, they motivate me to workout everyday and to keep my health and my fitness to be able to be the player that I am."

McGrath has been a staple on the DePauw volleyball team for four years. She is aware the playing time she has received and the school record are accomplishments she may have missed out on at a bigger school or in a bigger division.

"I'm a huge advocate of Division III sports, mainly because you're able to not only play the sport that you love, and play it for fun rather than as a job, but you're also able to be involved in clubs and different organizations on campus," she said. "I think the overall DePauw athletics experience is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience."

Although McGrath now has her name in the record books, she maintained that her favorite moment in athletics was when the Tigers beat No. 2 Emory last season.

"It was a really exciting game because they expected to come into it and beat us because we were the underdog," McGrath said, "but we came out really strong and everything seemed to have clicked that game. It was just a really fun moment."

McGrath tries to play each game to the best of her ability no matter the circumstance.

"I think the game of volleyball is much more of a team sport so for you to have a good game is great, but it's such a team sport that the moments are usually with the team instead of yourself," she said.

With the all-time digs record now in her possession, could a single-season record be in her cards as well?

"I'm so not engaged in that aspect of volleyball with the stats," McGrath said. "It's really my dad keeping track of it, ironically. Maybe, I guess, it'd be cool to say that I did. Obviously, it's not my main focus."

McGrath has led the team to a 9-5 overall record this season with 272 digs. The team is currently 1-1 in conference play.


Q: Why'd you choose DePauw?

A: Originally, I wanted to go to a big school as a lot of people do, but I've gone to a small school my whole life and both of my brothers went here and one of them played football. That was kind of my "in" to DePauw. My whole family wanted me to play volleyball, and for some reason I felt like I was burnt out. But then I had a month off and I just realized how much I loved it. I had decided to come here and play volleyball, so it was kind of like a fluke thing where I decided on the school first, and then volleyball. I just loved DePauw and my brothers always talked about the DePauw bubble and how it's the greatest school. I came on a visit and kind of had that same falling in love experience with the school. So I thought why not play the sport that I love as well here if I had the opportunity to?

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

A: "Obviously, we have a very strong conference within the NCAC, so I think the next goal we need to have as a team, and for me as a player, is to push everyone to win conference. Winning conference means we get the conference tournament here, which means we'd have a better advantage of winning the tournament with being at home, being comfortable and having our own crowd. So, I think our next goal is conference."