Tiger Tales: Faith Rolwes

Tiger Tales: Faith Rolwes

Tiger Tales features DePauw student-athletes and their experiences in the classroom and in athletics. Athletics' intern Marissa Doherty conducted this interview with Faith Rolwes

How has DePauw shaped you as a person?
DePauw has made me more of a well-rounded person. It has taught me how to balance multiple components of my life such as a rigorous course load, playing a college sport, and participating socially on campus.

What is your most memorable athletic moment?
Going to the National Tournament my sophomore and junior years. Having an opportunity to play against some of the best teams and players in the country was unreal. It's cool to see that my team not only competes with these teams, but we take sets away from them and have the full capability of beating them.

How has the DePauw athletic experience shaped your overall college experience?
Being a college athlete is extremely rewarding, I love my teammates and I love having the opportunity to represent my school playing the sport I love. It has also taught me how to manage my time and how to work with others to accomplish a goal.

What experiences in the classroom help you in athletics? Vice versa?
Being an athlete I have learned leadership skills and how to work with others. I have definitely seen this carry over into the classroom when working on group projects or speaking up in class. My teammates and I have actually talked about how our grades tend to be better in season than out of season. I think a big part of this is that when in season, there isn't time to procrastinate. When we're not playing or traveling, we know we have to use our free time wisely and get our work done.

Are you involved in any activities outside of athletics? Programs of distinction?
I am a part of Greek Life on campus and next semester I will be the Alternative PanHellenic Rep for my sorority. For winter term I will be taking the EMT course to get my EMT certification.

How has DePauw athletics prepared you for life after college?
DePauw volleyball has taught me to have a strong and disciplined work ethic. This is important for me because the field I would like to go into is very competitive and it will require discipline and hard work to accomplish what I want for the future.   

Coach Zellers told us that you were being recruited by Division I schools, what about DePauw made you choose to attend this school vs. going to a DI institution?
DePauw stood out to me because I felt that I could be well rounded here. I knew I wanted to play volleyball, but I also knew that I didn't want volleyball to be the only thing I was involved in. When I visited DePauw, I loved the energy on campus and how friendly everyone was. The girls that I met on the team were extremely nice and genuine and after meeting them I knew that DePauw was the right fit for me.

How has the small college setting shaped your DePauw athletic experience?
I love that DePauw is a small University. I chose DePauw because I liked the community like feel where you can walk to class or be in the work out room and still see familiar faces every day. You are able to know more people on a personal level and I think that is something unique about going to a smaller school.

How has DePauw helped you grow as a student/athlete?
At DePauw I am challenged academically yet I still get to play the sport I love. My life isn't solely volleyball like it could have been at a bigger or DI school, and my life isn't consumed with studying. It's a really nice balance that has allowed me to grow in the classroom and on the court with my teammates.

What role has your team/coach played in your life at DePauw? 
I absolutely love my team. Not only are we teammates but we all genuinely love each other and are really good friends. My coach really cares about each and every one of us and regularly checks in to make sure our classes are going well and to see how we are doing.