Tiger Tales: Jenna Stoner

Tiger Tales: Jenna Stoner

Tiger Tales is a weekly piece highlighting a DePauw student-athlete. Athletic-intern Adam Tierney conducts the interviews.

Jenna Stoner recently finished up her senior season on the DePauw women's basketball team, which concluded with a first round exit of the NCAA DIII Tournament, a 22-7 overall record and the NCAC Tournament Championship.

She finished the season averaging 3.7 points per game, shooting 34 percent from the floor with 2.5 rebounds per game and 1.3 assists per game. She also played and started in 29 games.

Stoner is from Bowling Green, Ohio. Stoner is a Phi Beta Phi member and studies kinesiology.  She also subs for WGRE radio.

She leaves behind the experience of being a part of the 2013 NCAA DIII National Championship team.


Q: What has been your most memorable athletic moment?

A: Hands down the national championship - that was my freshman year of basketball, and I went in knowing that it would be really intense. When I first started practice, I thought this was more than I expected. The idea of trying to win a national championship was in everyone's head. I was looking around thinking there was no way. I did not expect it and then we just kept winning and winning. Then I was like this is very possible. When it happened, I thought what a way to start my college career with a national championship.

Q: What is your team atmosphere like?

A: Every year, the team is close knit. We are known as the girls' basketball team otherwise known as Gamma Beta Tau. So, we are basically our own sorority for our season. It's different dynamics every year, but we are all really close. When it comes to game day and practices, we all are goofy, funny and silly to loosen us up. Then when the ball is tossed, we are very engaged and buying into everything in the game. We all want the same goal, to win.

Q: How has DePauw shaped you as a person?

A: It's definitely broken me out of my shell. When I first meet new people or in a new environment, I'm very shy and can be standoffish. With DePauw's community and the campus, everyone is so open and friendly. It makes it really easy to meet new people and make friends.

Q: How has your basketball experience helped you for life after college?

A: Basketball has in so many ways. You honestly become very punctual because you know timing is a big thing so you don't show up late to things because you get consequences. You become a very hard worker and your work ethic completely excels. I just remember from high school basketball to college basketball, everything excelled. I would say work ethic and your drive are two aspects. You want to keep striving for the next best thing and pleasing people so I think that definitely helps.

Q: What role has your team/coach played on your DePauw experience?

A: My teammates are some of my best friends. I have a lot of comfort going to them in a time of need. If I need to laugh or cry, they are there. My coach has shaped me into a person that I really respect. I am happy that I learned some life lessons from her and that she engrained some important characteristics into me. I've become a more driven and confident person. I would say she and my teammates have had a really big impact on my life. 

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: My favorite quote is from John Wooden, "Discipline yourself and others won't need to." It speaks to me to take responsibility for your actions and don't rely on other people, the "do it yourself" kind of message.

Q: If you were stranded on an island what three things would you want?

A: I would take my phone for music. It depends on the mood I'm in, but I can go for any kind of music. I would take a bathing suit to tan. Honestly, the third item would be ChapStick. I'm a big ChapStick person. I always have some on me. I hate chapped lips.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete past or present?

A: I'm going to go with Draymond Green. I'm a big Michigan State fan. I love the way he played there and his relationship with Tom Izzo. It just so happened he went to Golden State, and it just so happened that they won the NBA Finals. So, people think I'm a bandwagon fan, but I'm not - just a Draymond Green fan. He plays with a lot of heart and I love that.

Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure?

A: Tanning in a tanning bed. I like being tan. I don't like the winter. It's weird because I'm from Ohio so I've obviously experienced winter and I snowboard. I honestly see myself being in the summer months and being in hot places. In the winter I'm very white and don't like it. I obviously know the consequences and done the research papers, but I still do it.

Q: What message would you want to pass on to the younger players on the team?

A: There are going to be really hard times during the season. You're going to hate it and wish you would quit. You're going to be so frustrated with Coach Huffman, but just know that your teammates around you are going to help you and are going to make it easier. At those moments when you feel that way, stick with your teammates and be honest with them. I promise you won't regret sticking it out four years.