Tiger Tales: Jackson Mote

Tiger Tales: Jackson Mote

Jackson Mote is the lone senior on the men's lacrosse team and plays defensive midfielder.

Mote originates from Indianapolis, Ind. and is a graduate of International High School. He is currently learning how to code and also enjoys reading, going to the gym and biking.

Mote is a double major in Computer Science and French. He is a WGRE DJ, has worked for The DePauw and is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Q: How would your friends and family describe you?

A: They'd say I'm determined. With lacrosse, I have never thought of quitting. It's never crossed my mind. Also, ambitious as well. I'm creating an app for Marvin's so students can order from the app and look at the menu and hours. That's pretty ambitious.

Q: What is your most memorable athletic moment?

A: My most memorable moment was our recent victory against Oberlin. They were a team that we had never beaten before. We were 2-5 in conference going into that game and we pulled out on top. And to top it all off, it was senior day. It was a special day and one I'll remember forever.

Q: Why did you choose DePauw?

A: Definitely a lot of my family members went to DePauw and they recommended it. It was pretty much between IU and here. I liked the small school atmosphere because I went to the International school in Indianapolis and it was really small. So, I didn't think a large school like IU was for me. I like the campus. I think it's pretty nice here especially with what Brian Casey has done.

Q: With your family's history at DePauw, what's it like to come here as a legacy?

A: I definitely think about the tradition. My grandfather played basketball here. My dad was on the cross country team and later took up biking. It's nice to have a legacy, but you want to make your own legacy and not rely on the family name. It's nice to have the connection with them at DePauw, which I may not have had at a bigger school.

Q: What would you say is your role on the team?

A: My role this year is to keep a positive attitude going into everything. I'm not trying to harp on OWU or Denison, but when we play teams like that, it's easy for the herd mentality to think that we are going to lose. I've tried to show guys that it's about making a dent and year after year if you can do that, soon enough you can beat those teams. I hope to help build that culture with the guys. A good example of this is Sam Rivera, who is a freshman on the team. He is hardworking, goes 100 percent every time we're out there and also is uplifting to the teammates around him. That defines a great player, someone who not only tries to make himself better but helps make his teammates better as well. I think my role is to try and do that. It is hard with no other guys in the senior class to help out, but I think I have done my best in that role.

Q: Being the first four-year lacrosse player, how have you seen the program grow over the years?

A: Freshman year, I didn't know what to expect. A lot of guys knew it was going to be difficult, but we didn't know how difficult it was going to be to go winless in a season. Just to go through the four years -- freshman year I was playing with guys, then sophomore year I was playing with just two of those guys, and junior and senior year, it was just me. So, what I said from the start rings true, to never quit. Overall, that's what I've learned. With these past four years, it's sad to think that it is almost over and I won't play competitive lacrosse anymore at DePauw, but I've learned a lot since I started.

Q: What advice would you give to the underclassmen of the lacrosse program?

A: I would tell them that it doesn't matter what happened yesterday. Whether it's a game or you missed something in practice, or had a bad day, you have to consistently work to do well athletically and academically. I guess the overall idea is that what happens in the season, you can still have a better season next year if you work even harder at it. If you keep this work ethic, you start chipping at these teams and you begin to start winning games that teams didn't expect you to win. Also, you have to enjoy it, bring positive energy. No matter how your day is going, when you're on the field and with the team nothing else matters. Cherish the days that you have with this team and playing the sport.

Q: If you rubbed a lamp and a genie appeared giving you three wishes, what would you wish for?

A: An endless supply of vanilla coke, a Lotus Elise car, for sure, and some shoes.