DePauw University Athletics Tailgating Guidelines

We understand that tailgating is an important part of the spectator experience at home athletics competition. As a supporter of DePauw University athletics, the tailgating guidelines identified below are designed to enhance your safety and ensure that tailgating remains a part of the DePauw University experience.  Exceptions to this policy may be made for special events including, but not limited to, Old Gold weekend, Monon Bell and NCAA playoff games.

All guests are expected to bring their own food and beverage as there are no food or beverage sales in the parking lot.  Food and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase in Blackstock Stadium.

General questions about tailgating can be directed to Therno Diallo, assistant athletics director for athletics events and marketing, or 765-658-4012.

  • Tailgating must occur only in designated tailgating areas in the Athletics Campus, west of Jackson Street, on selected dates.  Student groups may only register tailgating events involving alcohol in conjunction with home football games.  Alumni and parent groups may host tailgating events with alcohol in conjunction with any home athletic events on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • DePauw University follows all federal, state or local laws.  Individuals participating in tailgating activities at DePauw University are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner, including following the directives of event staff and public safety officials.  Students who do not follow the DePauw Student Handbook may be disciplined through the Community Standards process.
  • Please do not block emergency vehicle access to any part of any parking lot.
  • RVs and similar large vehicles must contact DePauw Police for parking and registration.  RVs and similar large vehicles may not park overnight in any DePauw parking lot.  Please contact DePauw Police at or (765) 658-5555 for more information.  DePauw Police reserves the right to deny entry to any RV and similar large vehicles for safety reasons.
  • Tailgating must take place in grassy areas immediately adjacent to parking spaces or directly behind a parked vehicle without obstructing the flow of traffic within the parking lot.
  • Music should be played at a reasonable level; please be respectful of others around you.
  • No glass bottles, kegs or common source containers.  
  • There is no hard liquor allowed at any time.
  • Drinking games (including, but not limited to beer pong and other table games) and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol (including, but not limited to funnels or beer bongs) are prohibited.
  • Tailgating activities should cease at game time to ensure that Public Safety and University officials can focus their attention inside the competition venue. Tailgating activities can resume at halftime, but fans should return to the competition venue for the second half.  Individuals who are beligerant and do not follow the directives of University officials will be asked to leave the Athletics Campus.
  • Tailgating begins no earlier than three hours prior to the start of a game and ends two hours after the game has ended. 
  • Charcoal/gas grilling for food preparation is permitted but extreme caution should be used.  No gas powered generators, deep fat fryers, or open fire pits are allowed.  Burned coals and/or residue from cooking are not permitted to make contact with the paved surface of the parking lot or grassy areas.
  • Please clean up and recycle when the game is over in receptacles provided.  The area should be returned to the same condition it was when you arrived.
  • No unauthorized sales activities are allowed on DePauw University’s campus.  The sale of alcohol beverages is strictly prohibited unless prior approval has been given by the Vice President of Business and Finance and the Vice President of Student Academic Life.
  • Public consumption of alcoholic beverages on any other part of the campus or on public streets that run through or adjacent to campus is prohibited and subject to policy/law enforcement.  There will be no alcohol or open beverage containers inside the athletics venues, regardless of whether or not an event is taking place.
  • Individuals attending events at DePauw University are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the nature and character of the University.  Individuals acting in a disruptive or disrespectful manner may be asked to leave the premises by the University’s Public Safety officers. DePauw University students may also be charged with a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

DePauw University promotes a family atmosphere at all athletic events.  Please be respectful of other tailgaters nearby. As Tiger fans, we rely on you not only to follow the University’s tailgating guidelines, but to help enforce them with those around you. DePauw Police can be reached by dialing (765) 658-5555.  Thank you for your continued support of DePauw University athletics and for your cooperation regarding the tailgating guidelines.