Clearance for Intercollegiate Athletics Participation

Student-athletes must participate in Pre-Participation Examinations annually. These are completed by the DePauw University Sports Medicine Staff on campus. Physicals will also be completed on campus.

PLEASE NOTE:  IN ADDITION to completing the Sports Medicine forms, ALL first-year student-athletes must complete the immunization forms for DePauw Health.  You can find the information on the DePauw Health forms here.

Returning student-athletes, please click here: Clearance for Returning Student-Athletes

The following is for First Year and Transfer student-athletes new to DePauw University Athletics for the 2019-20 Academic Year. Please READ below and FOLLOW the directions to be cleared for participation. This must be completed by July 1st, 2019.

Log on to the DePauw University Sports Medicine electronic medical record website
  • Go to: (**do not use www.)
  • Athlete ID: Type 'New'
  • Password: Type 'New'
  • Database: atsdepauw (should already be filled in)
Fill in required "General" tab information (indicated by highlighted boxes)
  • Select team: identify all teams if you play multiple sports
  • First AND Last Name, Date of Birth
  • Cell Phone or Preferred Contact Number
  • DePauw Email Address
  • Home Address, City, State, and Zip Code
  • Year in School: select Freshman; if a transfer then please select appropriate year in school
  • Athlete ID: please use your school issued student ID without the zeroes
  • Password: can be anything you like, but must be at least 8 characters in length 
  • Fill out any medical alerts, allergies, or medications. If you do not have any, please write NONE in those boxes.
  • Click the save button. You may have to do this twice. A dialog box will appear indicating your information has been saved

You DO NOT need to add any information in the immunization/paperwork tab 

Fill in "Insurance" tab information: In addition to the highlighted boxes, please enter all the information listed below
  • Click on the green (+) Add button to enter your insurance information
  • Payor#: enter the value of "1"
  • Company (Click "Add new insurance company" button ONLY IF your insurance company is not listed)
  • Ins Type
  • Phone: Please enter the Customer Service Phone Number
  • Both ID# and Group# (If only one is listed on your insurance card, please enter that in the correct field)
  • Policy End (Enter Policy Start date if known)
  • Fill Out Policy Holder Information as completely as possible; do not enter the social security number
  • At the bottom of the page, upload a new picture of the FRONT of your insurance card in the 'Card Front' tab. Picture needs to be in a landscape orientation and cropped so only the card shows
  • At the bottom of the page, upload a new picture of the BACK of your insurance card in the 'Back' tab. Picture needs to be in a landscape orientation and cropped so only the card shows
  • Click the Save button
Fill in "Contacts" tab information
  • Click the green (+) Add button to enter your emergency contact information
  • Please add all the appropriate contact information (name, relationship, phone, cell, email, etc...)
  • You will need to click the (+) add button for each additional emergency contact person
  • Click the "check mark" button to save
Under the "Forms" tab, click the drop down box by 'Form Name' and complete a 'New' electronic document for 'Pre-Participation - First Year/Transfers'
  • Please read all directions and complete all questions
  • You must read the concussion fact sheet for more information on concussions
  • Before confirming your sickle cell trait status or signing the waiver, please read this sickle cell trait fact sheet from the NCAA
  • If you choose NOT to confirm your sickle cell trait status, you will need to watch this short NCAA video which explains the implications of exercising the waiver

Upon completion of the file, you must electronically sign it, type your name below the e-signature, and click the sign button. Parent e-signatures are not required for student-athletes age 18 and over. Lastly, click the save button at the bottom of the page (Click it ONE TIME ONLY).  Please save fairly quickly as it can 'time out' if too much time has passed once complete.  If necessary, ou may always go back in and update the form after it has been saved.

Under the "eFiles" tab, please read below and complete all that apply to you

ADD/ADHD: If you have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, and take prescribed medication, then you will need to download the “Initial Documentation” file and have it completed by your prescribing physician. Once completed, please upload the paperwork back in to Athletic Trainer System under the “eFiles” tab.

Asthma: If you have Asthma and have been prescribed an inhaler, you will need to obtain a copy of the script from the prescribing Physician.  You will then need to upload that copy in to Athletic Trainer System under the “eFiles” tab.