Walking Loops Map

In the spring 2018, we secured grant dollars to bring the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute to campus.  Founded in 1991 and based on 30 years of proprietary research and work with elite performers, the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute will teach us how to manage our energy as a way to fully engage and improve performance in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We will work together to eradicate energy vampires from campus!

HUGE THANKS to the Mellon Foundation and Bonner Program for their generous financial support of this program!

Members of the Fab 25+ (employees on campus who participated in the J&J HPI) developed this helpful walking map to aid in finding routes that are approximately one mile or 2,000 steps.  You can track your activity in OurHealthyTigers.com as a Fitness Activity to earn HSA Incentives.