DePauw University Athletics Hall of Fame By-Laws


The purpose of the DePauw University Athletics Hall of Fame is to give lasting recognition to those individualsand teams who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of DePauw University in the field of athletics and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics. 

Furthermore, it is the purpose of the Hall of Fame to promote more interest in the DePauw University athletics program among alumni and especially the “D” alumni association members and to display before students in attendance at the University, the performance of past athletes who have contributed so much in making DePauw University a great school.


The Board of Directors is the official governing body concerning all projects, programs and actions of the DePauw University Athletics Hall of Fame. The Board of Directors consists of members from the "D" Association and University staff:


Theodor Katula Director of Athletics and Recreational Sports – Stevie Baker-Watson
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement - Leslie Williams Smith '03
Faculty Athletics Representative – Pamela M. Propsom, Kenneth S. Wagoner Professor of Psychology
Faculty Athletics Representative – David N. Gellman, A.W. Crandall Professor of History and Chair of the History Department
Coaches' Representative - Mary M. Bretscher, emerita professor of kinesiology and associate athletics director
President of the Alumni “D” Association – Richard D. Bonaccorsi ’85
President Emeritus of the “D” Association – Dr. Philip N. Eskew, Jr. ‘63
Director of Athletics Communications – William J. Wagner


Jennifer A. Bauer ’88
S. Page Cotton Jr. '71
Robert J. Doyle ’82
Sarah Miller Humbert '97
Thomas G. Spiece ’70
Dr. John B. Stephens '03

 The initial elected committee members was chosen by the permanent members of the committee with attention given to ensuring that all athletic eras are represented to the extent this is possible. Individuals elected after the first year shall serve a term of three years and may be re-elected.  Should any member resign or otherwise become unable to serve during a term, a replacement shall be elected by the committee of the whole. A committee member may be elected for additional terms. The chairperson of the Board of Directors shall be elected by group. The Director of Alumni Relations shall serve as secretary and keep all records. All members shall serve without compensation of any kind. The Board of Directors shall meet once in the fall  for the purpose of electing the class of inductees.  Changes in these by-laws of the DePauw University Athletics Hall of Fame may be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 



Any DePauw University alumnus or alumna whose class graduated at least 10 years prior and who earned a varsity letter from the DePauw University athletics department is eligible for nomination to membership in the Athletics Hall of Fame. For female athletes who graduated before “D” letters were awarded to women, outstanding accomplishments or records in athletics will be considered as appropriate qualifications for nomination.     

Similarly, outstanding athletic teams and distinguished members of the DePauw coaching staff are also eligible for nomination and membership. Any coach or athletic administrator must have retired or departed from the athletic department at least two years prior to his or her nomination.     

All nominees to the Hall of Fame must have conducted themselves in such a manner as to reflect honor upon DePauw University and have qualities of character and standards of conduct that are exemplary.  No automatic criteria will be utilized for nomination, and special recognition may be granted where it is deemed appropriate by the selection committee.  While athletic achievement is of prime importance, moral character and good citizenship during both undergraduate and post-graduate years will be taken into consideration. The record of the individual or athletic team must be so outstanding that there are no questions of qualifying for the Athletics Hall of Fame.

Requests for nominations shall be made in appropriate issues of the DePauw Magazine. Nominations may be made by anyone, and individuals not selected shall remain on the list for consideration for a five-year period.  These individuals are eligible for renomination. Nominations must be made in writing, including supporting evidence of the nominee’s qualifying accomplishments, and be received in the office of the Director of Alumni Relations before June 30. Nominations will not be publicly disclosed.  Nominations may also be made online


Leslie Williams Smith ’03
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement
Robert G. Bottoms Alumni and Development Center
P.O. Box 37
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135-0037



A charter class of no more than 25 members was inducted in the first year. In subsequent years, the number of inductees shall not exceed six. In selecting those to be inducted, consideration shall at all times be given to representation of all varsity sports and of all eligible DePauw student generations. 


The Board of Directors of the DePauw Athletics Hall of Fame shall establish nomination and selection schedules, types of awards, presentation procedures and the permanent display of inducted honorees.

Selected members shall be notified by the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Athletics Hall of Fame.  Members will be inducted into the DePauw University Athletics Hall of Fame to be held in the fall of each year.  A suitable plaque will be presented to the honorees, and an appropriate permanent display or recognition will be established on the campus. 



The category of honorary membership in the Hall of Fame was added to the by-laws in May 1995. The Board of Directors may convey honorary membership to those individuals who, by virtue of their time, resources and dedication, have significantly supported, enhanced and advanced the interscholastic athletic programs of DePauwUniversity. 


Individuals recognized may or may not have had any direct affiliation with DePauw University. Their contributions may be varied: faculty athletic adviser, financial supporter of the athletic program, valued employee of the athletic department, volunteer coach or team physician among others. These contributions should be of significantly long duration (at least 10 years). The individual must not currently be active with the DePauw athletic program.


Nominations will be solicited from the same channels as traditional Hall of Fame nominees, and, in addition, strong consideration will be given nominees submitted by members of the DePauw Athletics Department. While it may be appropriate to induct a larger “charter” class, normally the number of honorary members should not exceed one-two per year. In some years, there may be no one inducted as an honorary member. 


The honorary inductees will be invited to attend and participate in the annual Hall of Fame induction. In addition, a plaque, similar in size and type to the other plaques, will be permanently placed on the Hall of Fame wall in the LillyCenter. Each inductee’s name will be inscribed on this plaque as he or she is inducted.