Sandra L. Gyorgyi
Graduation Year: 1984
Induction Year: 2007
Sport (s): Women's Tennis

Sandra Lynn Gyorgyi graduated from DePauw with a in English in 1984. After four years in Greencastle and one year in Freiburg, Germany, she decided to head south to Atlanta. With no job prospects, she accepted varied part-time positions that eventually led to newspaper writing and publishing. After years of working with struggling independent papers, she knew it was time for something more stable, perhaps in marketing.

Marketing jobs came easily to Gyorgyi as she enjoyed promoting products, especially in the pet industry. Through various promotions, she rose to the executive level in a contract packaging firm that did extensive private label business for all types of animals. The company was privately held with the sons of the owner poised to run the company – Gyorgyi realized the time was right to leave and form her own company, enjoying the help of her father. In 1998 Georgia Labeling & Filling began production, and her dream of owning her own company became a reality.

As a student-athlete at DePauw, Gyorgyi holds the title as DePauw’s first All-American tennis player. Her team finished fifth in the AIAW national tournament, and she was the number two singles player and number one doubles team with her sister, Nancy ’82, during her junior year. She is listed as an all-time letterwinner for 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984. She was named All-American (AIA) for two years.

Work fills most of her free time but it does not stop her from pursuing a love of volleyball, winning multiple championships and a love of golf. The game of tennis and athletics in general have allowed her to enjoy great friendships and to enjoy watching her nieces and nephews compete in sports. Gyorgyi and her husband, Dave, have been married since 1989. Dave is a professional photographer and they have both worked hard as a self-employed team and frequently travel together.