Robert B. Lee
Graduation Year: 1935
Induction Year: 1987
Sport (s): Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field

Bob Lee won three letters each in basketball and track and remembers most fondly a 31-24 hardwood win he helped his team earn over Indiana University in 1934. In track he won first in the Little State meet in the 60-yard high hurdles 1933-34-35 and placed second in the Big State meet in 1935. That same year he finished second to the national high hurdle champion. A native of South Bend, Lee is a lawyer by profession (with an LL.B. from Notre Dame). He's a member of the bar in both Indiana and Colorado where he practiced law from 1941 to 1961. He served as a prosecutor, trial lawyer, and trial judge. In 1969 he was appointed by Colorado's Governor Love as an Associate Supreme Court Justice, serving with distinction until his retirement in 1983. He is now a Senior Justice in the Colorado Judicial System. He has served with distinction on several special judicial commissions and committees and was for a period a visiting lecturer at the University of Colorado Law School. Judge Lee, now a resident of Aurora, CO, received DePauw's Alumni Citation in 1985 for service to Alma Mater.