Paul W. Jones
Graduation Year: 1924
Induction Year: 1986
Sport (s): Men's Track & Field

Inducted 1986 In a stunning upset, the diminutive Jones won the national indoor all-around championship (a grueling seven events) at the U. of Illinois in 1924. Then came a victory in the broad jump at the Kansas Relays and qualification in the broad jump, pole vault and decathlon in the 1924 Olympic trials in Ann Arbor. His athletic career peaked a year later at an international meet in Bergen, Norway, when he was named "The Meet's Best Man." He still holds the DePauw broad (long) jump mark at 24'6 3/4"! Jones taught English and ROTC at Evanston (IL) Township High School from 1925-41, then served in the Army during World War II, retiring in 1946 with the rank of Lt. Col. He returned to teaching and the development and marketing of self-learning programs. He now lives in Goshen, IN.