Patricia K. Fehl
Graduation Year: 1949
Induction Year: 1994
Sport (s): Women's Basketball, Field Hockey, Volleyball

Pat Fehl played basketball, field hockey and volleyball at DePauw during a time when those sports were not varsity sports at colleges and universities. She was also active in the Women's Recreation Association and also served as a lifeguard, student secretary for the HPER department and volunteer swimming instructor to the local Girl Scouts. She also was vice president of Delta Phi Eta. A cum laude graduate of DePauw, Fehl later earned M.S. and Ed.D. degrees from Indiana University. She later coached the women's basketball and tennis teams at the University of Cincinnati and was instrumental in the University hosting the first AIAW national intercollegiate swimming championships. She finished her coaching career by serving as the first coach of the women's volleyball team at West Virginia University. She is a member of the West Virginia University School of Physical Education Hall of Fame. While at those two schools, Fehl served on the faculty and was the chair of the Department of General Physical Education until her retirement in 1990. Fehl was instrumental in the development of women's intercollegiate athletics at West Virginia and served as the University's unofficial women's athletic director. She has authored over 30 professional articles and has received six grants for professional work. She served on the editorial board for Leisure Today and received an appointment in 1986 to the U.S. President's Commission on American Outdoors Review of Land Resources. Fehl has also served as president of the American Association for Leisure and Recreation.