Norman Frees
Graduation Year: 1936
Induction Year: 1992
Sport (s): Football, Men's Track & Field

A Rector Scholar, Norman Frees competed as an end for four seasons on the football team including the famed 1933 team. He also was a sprinter on the track team for four seasons. Among his accomplishments were Indiana state championships in both 100- and 220-yard dashes in 1936. As a student, he served as student body president as a senior, president of Student Senate, chairman of the Student Affairs Committee and president of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity. A vice-president of Sigma Delta Chi, Frees worked on the staffs of both the Mirage and The DePauw. He also was a member of Duzer Du. Following graduation, Frees was employed as a financial analyst with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C., and attended George Washington University Law School at night. He was then transferred to the SEC in New York City where he completed the J.D. law degree at Fordham University Law School and passed the New York Bar Examination. After serving for three years as an auxiliary foreign service officer in the Economic Unit of the American Embassy in Mexico City, Frees became a sales representative for Republic Steel and other steel manufacturers in Mexico City from 1944-1979. A developer of the Santa Anita Golf and Country Club in Guadalajara, Mexico, Frees has served as president and owner of the Petrotex International, Inc. of Houston. He has served on DePauw's board of Trustees since 1980 and, in 1982, he founded the Frees Foundation which, among other things, provided a 120-bed Children's Home for the Salvation Army of Mexico City.