Laurel H. Turk
Induction Year: 1995
Sport (s): Administration

Laurel H. Turk joined DePauw University in 1928 as professor in Romance Languages. He was chair of his department for many years. Always interested in sports, Dr. Turk became involved with DePauw's athletic program early in his tenure. He was named Chairman of the Faculty Athletic Committee in 1935, where he continued to serve for the next 33 years. He and his committee were responsible for bridging the gap between the academic faculty and the athletic department, offering academic assistance to athletes who may have needed extra help and interceding when conflicts arose between the coaches' practice and game schedules and the faculties' tests and paper requirements. From 1949-42, Turk acted as cross-country, and for many years served as a track and swimming official at intercollegiate meets. He filmed football games and scouted opposition. All this time, he taught Spanish and wrote college-level Spanish textbooks. He retired in 1968 from active teaching, but continued revising his books through 1993. Still an avid sportsman, Turk plays golf several times a week and recorded a 40 on his 90th birthday and a 44 last June on his 92nd.