John P. Isenbarger
Graduation Year: 1945
Induction Year: 1995
Sport (s): Men's Basketball, Football

Jack Isenbarger entered DePauw in 1941, where he played center on the freshman football team. After the football season, he played center and forward on the freshman basketball team, where the Tigers won six games and lost only one. In the Fall of '42, Jack played center as well as linebacker, where he was described as the "star around which the rugged line across." Isenbarger left for military service in 1943 and returned to DePauw in the Fall of '46, where he again played center and linebacker and was elected captain of that year's team. The yearbook's quote that year was, "Isenbarger's line play at center and defensive linebacker was superb in every game." In early Spring of 1947, he received an offer from the New York Giants, but recently married, decided against turning pro. A leader on campus and in his post graduate life, Isenbarger worked for nearly 30 years as a manufacturing executive in Muncie, IN. Later, he was a two-term chairman of Delaware (IN) County, chairman of the Indiana Parole Board, State of Indiana Highway commissioner, and director of the Muncie Federal Savings and Loan Association. He has been president of the Muncie Rotary Club, the Delaware Country Club and the Muncie Club.