Herbert J. Spier
Graduation Year: 1962
Induction Year: 1998
Sport (s): Men's Basketball

Herb Spier is a product of North Central High School in Indianapolis, where he was a standout center on the basketball team.  He brought his talents to DePauw, where he joined what was to be one of the University’s most talented teams.  He became a star amongst stars.  He started as center every game during his varsity career – 66 consecutive games.  He was first in team rebounding all three years in a row.  He was selected as the team’s Most Valuable Player his senior year.  Herb was active in Air Force R.O.T.C. during college and was a member of Sigma Nu.  On campus he met his wife, Linda, an accomplished artist.  They married and then graduated.  In 1962 Spier began his career in the Air Force. At 6-feet, 5-inches, he required a waiver to put him in the cockpit.  He served a 12-month tour in Vietnam, flying 283 combat missions.  He received a Silver Star, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, one Bronze Medal, 14 Air Medals, one Purple Heart and the Vietnam Combat Medal.  Following his active service, he returned to the family insurance business in Indianapolis. After only five months he was itching to fly again and signed up with the Indiana Air National Guard in Terre Haute, while still continuing his full-time job.  He progressed through a series of promotions and assignments.  In 1993, he was offered an assignment in San Antonio, which permitted him to be promoted to major general, the rank which he retired in 1966.  He has accumulated more than 5,800 flying hours during the course of 34 years.  He and Linda reside in Carmel and are the parent’s of four children.