Helen Reynolds Gosnell
Induction Year: 1995
Sport (s): Administration

If one were to wish for a perfect secretary, office manager, or department administrator, one would need only go as far as helen Reynolds Gosnell for a role model. Mrs. Reynolds Gosnell joined DePauw athletic department in 1923, and served athletic directors, Gaumey Neal, Jim Loveless, and Tommy Mont until her retirement in 1970. All told, she recorded a combined 38 years of service with the athletic department. Every athlete who came through DePauw for five decades, and on occasion to stop by the athletic offices, would meet Mrs. Reynolds Gosnell. She was every bit as much a part of DePauw athletics as the athletes themselves. What made her so special was her incredible memory, her great organization skills, her knowledge of everything that went on in the department and her unflappable nature. Athletic offices tend to be places of excitement and enthusiasm, tight deadlines, and tough decisions, high emotion and heavy responsibility. In this pressure cooker environment, Helen Reynolds Gosnell was the oasis of calm.