Dr. Donovan C. Moffett
Graduation Year: 1922
Induction Year: 1986
Sport (s): Men's Basketball, Football, Men's Track & Field, Coaching

Donovan Moffett, who grew up in Brocton, IL, was a star athlete at DePauw in football, basketball and track for four years. He began his coaching career at DePauw in 1927 and later became head basketball coach and athletic director. After service in World War II he returned as athletic director to DePauw then took a similar post in 1946 at the State University College at Cortland (NY). He held offices in many national professional organizations, including the Executive Committee of the Liberal Arts Small College Group of the NCAA. He was named President of the State University College at Cortland in 1960 and served until his death in 1963. His alma mater awarded him an honorary degree in 1962.