Donald S. Wheaton
Graduation Year: 1933
Induction Year: 1986
Sport (s): Football

Don Wheaton was said by his contemporaries to be "the greatest broken field runner" of his time. Others called him a genuine "triple threat men... and the greatest football player in DePauw history." He was named all-state halfback in 1931 and 1932 and in 1931 was listed in Spaulding's Official Football Guide for five outstanding individual feats in football. One was a 107-yard TD gallop against Cincinnati. The great sportswriter Grantland Rice placed him on his third-team All-American squad and observed that he would have been on the first team had he played at a "big time" university. Ironically, Wheaton grew up in Wheaton, IL and was president of F.E. Wheaton & Company there.