Donald W. Jones
Graduation Year: 1943
Induction Year: 1987
Sport (s): Men's Basketball

Don Jones' name remained in the DePauw sports record books perhaps longer than any other for the 43 points he scored against Earlham College during the 1942-43 basketball season stood as a one-game mark until 1969 when it was finally eclipsed. He was leading scorer on that team with 255 points during the season. After leaving DePauw he served three years in the U.S. Air Force. He joined the bookpublishing firm, Prentice-Hall, Inc., in 1946 and has been in the publishing business ever since. During 10 years at P-H he was editor-in-chief of its college textbook division. In 1958 he joined Addison-Wesley as sales manager and in 1966 was elected president of the company. During the decade of his presidency Addison-Wesley grew from a small Boston publisher to one of the country's largest scientific publishing houses. He retired from Addison-Wesley in 1976 and pursued various personal interests in the Boston area which has been his home since 1958. Because he couldn't stay away from publishing very long, he founded his own company, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., in 1981 and publishes college textbooks in the areas of life science, health science and in physics and mathematics.