Charles Erdmann
Induction Year: 1986
Sport (s): Coaching

Charlie Erdmann came to DePauw from the University of Chicago in 1946 to coach swimming and teach in the physical education department. He probably considered himself a "physical educator" before he thinks of himself as a coach. He sought to create more opportunities for students to participate in athletics, and it was no surprise that he introduced first club then varsity-level soccer at DePauw in 1965. He was a coach, of course, steering the DePauw tennis team to unparalleled success among small Indiana colleges in the 60s and 70s. His swimming teams were among DePauw's best, despite the cramped pool that Bowman Gym offered. But long after the swimming records are forgotten and the multitude of conference tennis championships are counted, the young men and women who played for and knew Coach Erdmann or who worked with him and Mim at Camp Voyageur will remember the Christian witness and model that he was in their lives.