1933 Football Team
Induction Year: 1995
Sport (s): Team

The last team in college football to complete a season undefeated, untied, and unscored upon, the 1933 DePauw team, was one of the greatest in the history of college football. In their seven games, the Tigers outscored their opponents 136-0. Wins came over Ball State (9-0), Earlham (28-0), Manchester (13-0), Hanover (12-0), Franklin (26-0), Evansville (34-0), and Wabash (14-0). The accomplishment of the team was summarized by the Indianapolis News which reported: "Thus DePauw achieved its record. Never keyed by dressing room oratory (their coach does not believe in it), never overworked by midweek scrimmage, never playing when the least bit out of condition or disabled, always hustling for their jobs because of energetic reserves-here was a thoroughly amateur college football team having a lot of fun Saturday after Saturday. "The commitment of the team continued long after the unforgettable season. When the University was constructing a new physical education and recreation center in the early 1980's, the team raised nearly $3 million from its surviving members. The fieldhouse in the center bears the name of the coach, Gaumey Neal. The support which members of this team have given to the university is unparalleled.