DePauw's Directors' Cup Finishes



The Learfield Sports Directors' Cup is a program which began in Division III in 1995-96 and honors institutions maintaining a broad-based program and achieving success in both men's and women's sports.

DePauw has finished in the top 50 in Division III each of the last 11 years and placed 13th during the 2005-06 year. In the program's 20-year history, DePauw has finished as the highest ranking Division III school in Indiana each year.

DePauw's Directors' Cup Finishes
Year Final Rank
1995-96 93rd
1996-97 80th
1997-98 tie-66th
1998-99 tie-55th
1999-2000 43rd
2000-01 40th
2001-02 14th
2002-03 86th
2003-04 tie-78th
2004-05 27th
2005-06 13th
2006-07 15th
2007-08 18th
2008-09 39th
2009-10 26th
2010-11 33rd
2011-12 42nd
2012-13 25th
2013-14 24th
2014-15 32nd
2015-16 49th