DePauw Athletics Code of Conduct

As student-athletes and coaches at DePauw University, we recognize that it is an honor and privilege to represent the entire community. As campus leaders, we acknowledge and accept responsibility for our actions as they may impact the athletic program and the University community. It is expected that all student-athletes and coaches follow the policies set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the North Coast Athletic Conference, DePauw University and the athletic department. Failure to do so may result in loss of competition, loss of captaincy or suspension from an athletic team.

DePauw student-athletes and coaches do not condone the illegal or irresponsible use of alcohol or drugs. It is also expected that all student-athletes and coaches demonstrate respect through actions and attitudes with regard to academic integrity, the display of good sportsmanship, prevention of hazing and tolerance of others. The athletic department is committed to providing educational opportunities and support to encourage responsible behavior for all members of the DePauw athletic community.